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Red Leaves

Fall Colors in the Edge of the Wilderness

Edge of the Wilderness Resort Area
Fall Colors

Fall Colors (Driving Tours)


Fall is a spectacular time to visit the Edge of the Wilderness Area!

If you are looking for a unique vacation getaway this fall then look no further than Minnesota’s Edge of the Wilderness Resort Area. This secluded vacation area is located in the Chippewa National Forest along the Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway that winds for 47 miles along the shores of pristine lakes, from Grand Rapids, Minnesota to Effie, Minnesota.

The Edge of the Wilderness Area stirs the soul with its hundreds of clear lakes, vast shorelines, and hills blanketed in hardwood forests and northern pines. The autumn landscapes offer breathtaking views set ablaze with the brilliant red of sugar maples, the glowing gold of aspen and birch, and the deep bronze of oak. Surrounded by the Chippewa National Forest, there are still more trees than people here; providing vacationers and residents alike with classic Northwoods seclusion.

The Edge offers some of Minnesota’s most popular fall activities like fishing, hiking, canoeing, boating, kayaking, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and resorting opportunities. Wildlife thrives here, so don’t be surprised to encounter deer, wolves, fox, black bears, beaver and raccoons. Bald eagles and ospreys can almost always be seen flying overhead and a wide variety of waterfowl including loons, geese and ducks can be found on the many lakes and rivers. Hearing the mournful call of the loon is one of the most memorable parts of many visitors’ vacations.

The area’s breathtaking display of fall colors is best viewed from the water onboard a boat, pontoon or canoe. There is no better way to melt away the stress of everyday life than by lazily floating along on a peaceful lake or river. Off the water, you’ll want to explore the many terrific hiking and mountain biking trails or take advantage of horseback riding opportunities.

 “One of the Best Fall Color Drives in America” -- That’s what the folks at Mapquest, the Internet’s most popular source for maps and driving directions, called the Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway!

Take the Fall Color Tour along the Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway - MN State Highway 38 between Grand Rapids and Effie which winds for 47 miles through breathtaking fall colors and around crystal clear blue lakes. This roadway was designated a National Scenic Byway in 1998, and once you’ve driven it, you’ll understand why. Several turnouts provide access to historic sites. Some of the points of interest include the Joyce Estates, a 1930 circa estate accessible only by foot; the Suomi Hills Recreation Area - a wonderful hiking and biking trail and the Laurentian Divide Wayside Rest- hiking and interpretation. Autumn is an amazing time in the Edge of the Wilderness Resort Area. The air becomes cooler and easier to breathe, the lakes and sky seem a deeper shade of blue and the fall colors are simply breathtaking. This is the time to plan that get-away from work and rejuvenate your soul. Just sit back and relax on the deck of a cozy cabin or enjoy the view of brilliant colors from onboard a boat, pontoon, kayak or canoe on a crystal clear lake.

Isn’t it time you escaped to the Edge of the Wilderness Area this Fall? Life in the Edge of the Wilderness Area is laid back and residents maintain a relaxed lifestyle. Join us this year – come experience Northern Minnesota’s hospitality this fall and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Autumn in the Northwoods...There’s Simply Nothing Like It!

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